The Truth of Covid-19


We are about to talk about the things that will make you feel very uncomfortable and you may think this is some sort of fake news or misinformation. It is not. And to proof that the information on this page is actually backed by a source, and that we didn’t created ourselves, we have included evidence at each step.

So, read with an open mind and look at the evidence. The most important thing is… you need to think and ask yourself ‘why’ the evidence shown is censored or never discussed openly in the media or by the governments.

Every person has the right to information and decide for themselves what is best for them. Especially, when the information is coming from doctors, scientists and professors that have direct expertise in this field.

We’ve been researching for the last 16 months on the claim that a scam is going on with Covid 19. We found hundreds of CENSORED interviews of worlds top scientists and professors from Harvard, Stanford, chief scientist of Pfizer and, even, Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla. You can see all of them here.

In many countries in Europe and elsewhere like Canada, Brazil, USA people already know this. And millions of them are protesting against this scam. They are refusing to wear masks, they are refusing to take vaccine and they are refusing lockdowns.

And we found that, in many countries, people have started to live old-normal life. People have protested so badly, the governments have no choice.

We are writing here because we found some information about vaccine, that we think everyone has the right to see. And we will only provide EVIDENCE here. We will show you all the clips of doctors and scientists that are censored, and till today… we don’t understand why would the social media censor all these important information of doctors and scientists, that came out to tell how dangerous the vaccines are. Even the media and the government as well. 

According to Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a Thai-German scientist and one of the top professor in Europe, this vaccine is dangerous. 1% of people taking the vaccine are either dying or having serious side effects. And for the people who took the vaccine but still feel fine, they have a chance of developing Autoimmune disease (body attacking itself). See Dr. Sucharit’s interview here.

In Denmark, there was a big protest against the Vaccine. Only, now the Thai CDC and government came out to say the some vaccines are not safe, after it was given to millions of people. They are saying it now after tons of people died or got serious side effects.

Our question is,”Why was Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s interview censored and neglected? He came out to warn the very same symptom and danger of the vaccine back in February, 2021. Why did the governments have to give millions of vaccine to the public, cause the massive loss to lives and wait for mass protest to break out before putting hold on vaccine?”

You can see Dr. Sucharit’s interview here. He explained clearly how exactly the vaccines are causing blood clots in our blood vessels, especially in the brain. Now, after 4 months of giving vaccine, governments are claiming the same effect that was explained by Dr. Sucharit.

Every Thai should be able to see this video before making a decision whether or not to take the vaccine. That is what freedom and democracy is all about. But, unfortunately, like many other hundreds videos, this one has been censored. Below is another video that shows that doctors and scientists are now speaking out their concerns because the public is waking up.

Covid 19, has not yet scientifically been proven to exist. Did you know that?

We were shocked and confused by what that means but.. as you will see the evidences by the world’s top scientists below. Covid 19 doesn’t exist and you may question, like us, how are people getting sick or dying then. It’s complicated but you will need to understand first, what it means when these scientists say that,”there is no Covid 19″ Read in the link below.

Here is a direct quote of the doctors and scientist that we found in their interviews.

  • Dr. Andy Kaufman, M.D. – Forensic Psychiatrist & Expert Witness, refutes “isolation” of SARS-Cov-2; he does step-by-step analysis of a typical claim of isolation; there is no proof that the virus exists. Read this article to understand and then come back to this page.
  • Dr. Michael Yiedon. He is the former VP and chief scientist of Pfizer. He says that,”your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death”. You can see all his interviews here.
  • Prof. Dr. Stefano Scoglio: Scientist | 2018 Nobel Prize Candidate |Professor at University of Toronto,”This is an invented pandemic with lack of virus isolation and invalid COVID-19 test.” See all his interviews here
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Levitt. A Nobel Prize Winner. Biophysicist & Structural Biologist | Stanford University: “No evidence that Covid-19 is causing huge loss of life. It has not been a particularly bad year for flu deaths and people who are dying from coronavirus are those who are at risk of death anyway.” See all this interviews here.
  • Dr. Stoian Alexov. President of Bulgarian Pathology Association,”No one has died of Covid 19!” See all his interviews here.
  • And many more. See here

RT-PCR Test: The manipulated test that produces fake positive cases.

These scientist explain that when people go take Covid test. A sample is taken from their throat and nose, and it goes through a test machine called the PCR test in the lab. This pcr test is fraudulent. Its been modified to detect other genetic material that is present in our body when we fall sick, called Exosome (among many others). See explanation by Dr. Andrew Kauffman. 

Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and inventor of the PCR test said that, PCR test is a great test, but it cannot test for an infectious disease. He is the inventor of RT-PCR. And he’s saying it. But till today, all covid tests are being tested using PCR. See this rare interview here. Dr. Kary Mullis sadly died in August, 2019.

The next video is a clip of the President of Tanzania, an African country. He is the President! What he did to proof to his citizens that PCR is not accurate, is he took sample of Papaya, Jackfruit, sheep and goat, and send them to WHO lab to test for Covid 19. On the sample, he named it Jack, Anna, Elizabeth, etc. so that WHO doesn’t know it’s a sample from fruits and not human. 

The tests came back Corona positive. Papaya had corona virus… Check it out yourself. This video is hard to find. 

Sadly, after this President gave the speech about papaya tested positive for Covid. He mysteriously died.

This is not ending here. We found that many world famous lawyers are suing governments and WHO, including doctors and scientists who know that this whole thing is a scam. Here is a famous speech by Dr. Renier Fuellmich that was viewed millions of times before it was censored by Youtube.

Now comes the big question. If the PCR is showing false results, then how are people dying, if there’s no virus?

“It’s a systematic manipulation of death certificates.”

– David Icke

1.  The U.S government came up with this law saying that anyone who gets positive test, and if they die within 28 days before or after. Doctors must put Covid as the reason for death in the certificate. And the body must be immediately disposed with no autopsy (to hide the real cause?) 

Elon Musk was baffled by this gave an example of a shark in his interview, you can see below. If I get eaten by a shark and they take my leftover floating arm and test for Covid, the fradulent pcr machine can test me positive. (It’s customizable). Now, on my death certificate they will put as Covid death, not eaten by a shark ?.  

We didn’t say this. Elon Musk said it.

We’ll found some more examples. If Covid is real, there should be more deaths in the world. But many doctors are claiming that there is not excess death in the world. The average number of death is the same. There’s no increase of surplus death. 

And The number of death from Flu in national statistics in England lowered. 

All of a sudden, less people die from flu and they started dying of Covid instead. How come? They simply use a pen and wrote Covid instead of flu on the death certificate. And the news broadcasts the death counts. Watch Dr. Vernon Coleman’s interview below.  

Each year millions of people die of flu and other respiratory disease, and by writing Covid death instead of Flu deaths. They are fooling everyone in the world.  

Because, now, anyone who goes to a hospital with a respiratory disease, they get tested for Covid and pcr will lie that they have Covid. 


With wrong diagnosis comes wrong treatment and people die. They put Covid death. Here we found a doctor from New York City, emergency room that claims that people are being mistreated. And that, people are not dying from Covid but rather from mistreatment.

We had a big question in our head,”How are people really getting sick, especially with Pneumonia?”

We started researching. And this is what we found. But before we explain further. We don’t know for sure yet if the following information about mask is 100% correct. We have not found any doctors or scientists who came out to claim that masks are causing bacterial pneumonia.

But what we found is also quite interesting. Did you know that in 1918, during the Spanish Flu, 58 million people died?

Out of those 58 million, 28 million people died of the viral pneumonia. And the remaining 30 million people died of BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA. More than 50% died because of bacteria, not the virus. So, where are these people catching the bacteria from?

We found this video and wonder if these are the things that could cause bacterial pneunomina. We don’t know, but we are researching on that.

We all could be breathing in Bacteria causing pneumonia from the masks. Imagine how many million people are wearing mask all day everyday. There is a good chance for the rate of lung infection to be high, naturally. 

Here’s one more stats from WHO website.

Let’s take a look at the official statistics from WHO. This statistics was also explained by Dr. Sucharit in the video we posted at the top of the page.

The death of people under different age group are as follows according to WHO.

  • Age 0-20: Death rate of Covid is 0.002%.  
  • Age 21-49: death rate is 0.02%
  • Age 70+ : death rate is 0.5%. 
  • If you look at the death rate, it is very low! So, why are we panicking? And why did the News never told us this. News is just scaring people. My age is between 21-49. My chances of dying from covid is 0.02% according to WHO. That’s very low. Why should I be afraid… what is there to be afraid of? It’s nothing!

Proof of stats from WHO website. 

Many scientists are saying, but it’s censored, that 1% of people who take vaccine die or get seriously sick. The scary part is even if you survive while talking vaccine, there’s a high chance of developing Autoimmune disease. (Body’s immune system attacking itself). Up to 50 million people may die from the vaccine in the USA alone. And then they will blame it on the virus. Listen to this clip by Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, an absolute expert who has been researching vaccines for 20 years.

Elon musk says that WHO is lying. The number of Covid deaths is very very low but WHO lie. 

See it here. 

So, now we are thinking… why would any want to take an untested vaccine? We simply don’t know the long term effect of it. No one knows! This is an experiment. Elon Musk says he’ll not take the vaccine. This video is banned and censored.

By the way. Did you know that these Covid vaccines skipped one major safety test ? It’s the step where they expose wild virus to vaccinated animal to see if the vaccine causes autoimmune disease or not. 

What they skipped is the most critical step. Normally, after giving vaccines to animal, they will introduce a real virus to them to check the response. 

For SARS Cov 1 vaccines, which was never released, these animals developed autoimmune disease and 80% of them died. This time, with Covid 19 vaccine, they released the vaccines without testing this step. They simply skipped it!! They test whether the vaccine is successfully producing antibodies or not. And they gave it to human and see if they die or have side effects or not. That’s an incomplete test. They must introduce the virus to see if the vaccine can protect us in real life or not. 

We’ll give you an example from what we understand. If we create a bulletproof vest for you to wear and go to battle field. Would you want to use your gun to shoot the vest to check first or do you want to wear and go to the battle directly? You will only know whether the vest is bullet proof or not when your enemy shoots at you. You understand how important this step is? 

So now, how do we know whether this vaccine causes autoimmune disease or not ??  We don’t know. Nobody knows. Even vaccine companies don’t now. Because it’s not tested!  

We will only know when people die. If people start dying, then we will know that this vaccine is causing Autoimmune disease. If people don’t die, we know that this vaccine doesn’t cause Autoimmune disease. Do you see whats happening? They skipped testing on animals and are testing on humans instead.

But there was one thing we didn’t understand. If the vaccine hasn’t been proven safe, how come they got release? It because they came out with a new ‘emergency’ law that allowed vaccines into the market without testing on animals. That’s how it’s released. 

Vaccines take 5 years minimum. How can anyone think it can be proven safe in 1 year? Think! 

This vaccine is created to change HUMAN DNA. You won’t believe it we know, because we don’t believe it too! We thought that this is nonsense. But then we came across this leaked clip by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. It’ll blow your mind. 

What’s in the vaccine? 

1. Mark Zuckerberg was having an internal conference call when somebody from Facebook recorded and leaked this video. In this video, it is clear that Mark knows that the vaccine is going to modify people’s DNA. But in the following clip, an interview which is shown to the public, Zuckerberg asks Dr. Fauci about DNA modification and pretends as if he doesn’t know anything about it.

2. With this experimental vaccine, the world population could be reduced by 10-15%. That’s 1 billion people! (Bill Gates said it. Not us.) It’s called The Agenda 2021.

But you may think.. how could it be possible that everyone in the world make it happen on such a large scale. How could anyone create a fake pandemic with no virus. It’s impossible. There are so many countries. It simply impossible for all these countries to coordinate and come up with this plan. It makes sense. We believe the same, we don’t believe that the government of China collaborated with the government of USA to create this fake pandemic. But again, we came across this video animation explanation by Sir David Icke, who has been investigating for 30 years about ‘who really control our world.’ See this and you’ll understand how our world is controlled by very few people. 

So. This is what we understood after researching for 16 months. 

They create a fake virus (that hasn’t been isolated)—> They use a fraudulent PCR test —>they manipulate death certificates and create fake covid deaths —> They control the media, censor all the scientist and doctors who speak out the truth, and use number of cases and deaths to spread fear—> they then Lockdown the whole world and take away our basic rights to live and make us scared and frustrated —> So, that they force us to take the Vaccine. And they indirectly force us for Vaccination. We explain indirect force vaccination below. 

How will they force us to take vaccine? If you stay quiet and think you will not take the vaccine and everything will be ok… YOU ARE WRONG

They will force you and your family to take this killing vaccine by introducing e-passport. Your kids can’t go to school. You can’t get a job, you can’t go to hospitals. You can’t do anything if you don’t take vaccine. 

This is how they will force you to take. They won’t drag us out of house and force us. 

So, please please research and spread this. You are on an escalator. By staying quiet you will reach up automatically. Either fight or take vaccine. No choice. 

Here’s where we found most of our information. You can research for more in the links below: 

Please research. Don’t believe a word we say. We are not doctors or scientist or anyone with medical background. But we did extensive research and we thought it is important to share the information, we found, with you.

One last thing. We came across Dr. Fauci’s video interview. All this time we were researching, many doctors and scientists say that, the CT value used in PCR test, must be low. If it is high, the test will produce false positive case. When that happens, people will think that they have Covid, and then they get quarantine. Not just that, the News will broadcast that there is a new case. When the News broadcast daily case, people become afraid, so more people go to test for Covid, and because the CT value is high, it will produce more false positive. Which means, News will broadcast even higher cases, so even more people will be afraid and more go for test, more false positive and it goes on until… Lockdown.

When a lot of false positive cases happens, the government will then lockdown the country. And all of us lose our job, our business, our freedom and health. Everything that you created is gone. Your business, freedom, everything. And its all down to the CT value. Just the CT value of the PCR test, can lock and shutdown the whole world.

Therefore, it is very important that the CT value is set correctly. It is critical!

So, we started researching with two questions in our mind:

  1. What is the correct CT value that must be used?
  2. What CT value are the hospitals and labs actually using?
  1. 1. If you have seen Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s interview at the beginning of the article, you must have known that the correct CT value should be around 20-27. Anything above that will produce “false positive”.
  2. But according to Dr. Anthony Fauci. The head of CDC advising U.S. government on Covid says 34 cycles is the max. 35 or anything above that is useless. ( see the video)
  3. We have investigated further and learned that, the scientists and doctors that we trust now ( the censored ones) say that it should be around 25-27. But Dr. Fauci says 34! That’s a lot of difference.

Next, we want to know that hospitals in Thailand, what CT Value are they using. So, we emailed to 26 hospitals in Thailand. 5 hospitals replied to our email. They are using CT value between 40-45 !!!!


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